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            April 18, 2019
            In fact, while the oil market is moving very much in an upward direction, not everyone believes that it will last.
            Economics - Nicholas Cunningham
            Some religions fool themselves. Can't they see that personal behavior, ethics, and morality all dwell in the domain of the individual?
            Religion & Spirituality - Ian Nance - 10 comments

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            Ambit Gambit - Our blog
            Don’t discriminate against Israel Folau

            This is a vital free speech issue, so I’ve initiated a petition “Don’t discriminate against Israel Folau” and urge all readers to sign it. I don’t endorse all of Folau’s views, but I endorse his right to have and to express them. He is employed as a football player, and he executes that job brilliantly. […]

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            »  Outspoken Christians will not be tolerated
            »  We need an ecological revolution
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            »  Izzy Folau repeats an obligato in the OLO score
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            »  Outspoken Christians will not be tolerated
            »  Izzy Folau repeats an obligato in the OLO score
            »  Shredding asylum: the arrest of Julian Assange
            »  Reading The Koran
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            Wednesday, April 17, 2019

            Many newspapers have been forced to adapt with a large number cutting their news coverage
            Feature - Peter Curson - 5 comments
            Transjordan (renamed Jordan in 1950) has always been the key to resolving competing territorial claims by both Arabs and Jews in former Palestine.
            International - David Singer - 4 comments

            Tuesday, April 16, 2019

            Who gave these news-gatherers the special mission of interpreting the facts relating to particular public issues, let alone being self-appointed to represent the public.
            Feature - John de Meyrick - 11 comments
            The Uniting Church is in a crisis. Its membership is in decline but the church bureaucrats ignore the signs of impending doom.
            Religion & Spirituality - Keith Suter - 13 comments

            Monday, April 15, 2019

            My hope is that what we are experiencing is the teething pangs of what is still a very new technology, and that with more instances like this, common-sense and tolerance will reassert themselves
            Feature - Graham Young - 38 comments
            What is astounding is that the public and officialdom all were more concerned about having the latter two charged, while there was no real desire to charge the instigator of all this (Connolly).
            Law & Liberties - Brendan O'Reilly - 8 comments
            The pursuit of Assange was 'because he has exposed wrongdoing by US administrations and their military forces.'
            Law & Liberties - Binoy Kampmark - 23 comments

            Friday, April 12, 2019

            For daring to share some scripture passages on his own social media page, Australian rugby star Israel Folau has been given the boot ?all in the name of tolerance and inclusion of course.
            Law & Liberties - Bill Muehlenberg - 96 comments
            None of us asked to be born at a time of crisis, But we have been born at such a time, and history has given us an enormous responsibility.
            Environment - John Avery - 11 comments

            Thursday, April 11, 2019

            The Australian National Imams Council should state publicly that, when it comes to the law, in Australia Islam is no different from any other religion when it comes to the law
            Law & Liberties - Laurence Maher - 26 comments
            In today's less rigid milieu, many forms of personal habit are no longer governed by established societal attitudes but rather stem from a less sensitive interest in the reactions of others.
            Society - Ian Nance - 5 comments

            Wednesday, April 10, 2019

            Works such as David Goodstein's On Fact and Fraud: Cautionary Tales from the Front Lines of Science (2010) show scientists as fallible creatures prone to careerism and the posterity disease.
            Environment - Binoy Kampmark - 3 comments
            "Do no harm - Do good" is the universal guideline that will resolve current ethical conflicts
            Political Philosophy - Peter Bowden - 12 comments

            Tuesday, April 9, 2019

            Labor's policy on electrical vehicles (EVs) is probably good politics but it offers little substance in support of its optimistic targets.
            Environment - Alan Davies - 20 comments
            It is essential that we create global governance systems that can deal with disasters and enforce rules relating to energy use.
            Environment - Peter McMahon - 4 comments
            UN Jew-hatred will be re-ignited when Trump inevitably focuses his attention on Judea and Samaria, the UN's falsely-designated 'Occupied Palestinian Territories'.
            International - David Singer - 14 comments

            Monday, April 8, 2019

            The idea that God loves the world so much as to make a supreme sacrifice has been replaced by the idea everything will turn out fine.
            Religion & Spirituality - Spencer Gear - 28 comments
            Economics - Michael Knox - 3 comments
            A proposed High Speed Rail connecting Melbourne with Sydney and Brisbane is getting favourable press, but what are the hurdles?
            Nation Building - Ross Elliott - 17 comments

            Friday, April 5, 2019

            Does Australia sufficiently value older people and ageing?
            Society - Rex Drabik - 12 comments
            Ill-conceived thought-bubbles on resource use weaken rural support for the coalition.
            Environment - Mark Poynter - 11 comments
            Such a Trump proclamation would blunt the rising tide of rabid Jew-hatred within the United Nations, UNESCO, the United Nations Human Rights Council and the European Union.
            International - David Singer - 11 comments

            Thursday, April 4, 2019

            There appears to be a route for a fully gravitational aqueduct with an ideal gradient of 1:5000.
            Nation Building - David Stockwell - 6 comments
            The Baltic States have been members of NATO for fifteen years, but NATO may not offer them as much security as they assume it does.
            International - Adomas Abromaitis - 24 comments

            Wednesday, April 3, 2019

            A WA Labor government school program, Inclusive Education WA, exposes children to descriptions of high risk sexual practices.
            Education - Greg Donnelly - 8 comments
            The third world, and Africa in particular, needs to be persuaded that it is it in its absolute best interests to put in place measures that will help to reduce ?or at least plan and control ?population growth.
            International - Guy Hallowes - 16 comments
            Barnaby Joyce proceeded with the project without allocating one cent of government funds to it. This means that his in-depth commitment to it has been Nil. It was simply a vote getting stunt.
            Nation Building - Everald Compton - 3 comments

            Tuesday, April 2, 2019

            We have police strike forces formed to establish criminality and perhaps lay charges, and yet at my sleepy suburban high school, years later, such abuses were still occurring.
            Law & Liberties - Verity Jackson - 17 comments
            Mainstream analysis is again addressing the fact that the deal is being done to fund Crown Prince MBS's Saudi Vision 2030.
            Economics - Cyril Widdershoven - 2 comments

            Monday, April 1, 2019

            Did Rushdie deserve to die? 'Yes, yes,' came the unequivocal response from Yusuf. Would you be his executioner? 'Uh, no, not necessarily...'
            International - Binoy Kampmark - 14 comments
            Elected to the NSW Legislative Council, former Liberal Democrat crossbench senator, David Leyonhjelm, outlines how he intends to proceed
            Domestic Politics - David Leyonhjelm - 26 comments

            Friday, March 29, 2019

            This is not to say that Jackson is guiltless; we are simply left to build upon images of degeneracy that, when viewed from a distance, confirm the ledgers of the accuser.
            Law & Liberties - Binoy Kampmark - 23 comments
            The media has been virtually unanimous in its commentary. The photo has been widely applauded, while criticisms of it on the net have been almost universally condemned.
            Sport - Brendan O'Reilly - 44 comments

            Thursday, March 28, 2019

            God is not an object in the universe and thus cannot be investigated or described in the same language that we use for other objects.
            Religion & Spirituality - Peter Sellick - 35 comments
            On any view, the US news media has utterly disgraced itself at every step of the Mueller probe.
            International - Gray Connolly - 13 comments

            Wednesday, March 27, 2019

            A nation is traumatized with the fall of its most senior religious figure.
            Law & Liberties - Murray Hunter - 36 comments
            Page's surveillance could be the Democrat Party's Watergate ?illegally acquiring Republican Party campaign information obtained under four FISA warrants.
            International - David Singer - 9 comments

            Tuesday, March 26, 2019

            Law & Liberties - Vladimir Vinokurov - 6 comments
            The road map for China's reform designed by the Chinese government does not include the element of establishing Western-style democracy.
            Political Philosophy - Zegang Ren - 9 comments

            Monday, March 25, 2019

            The defence on the Western Front is a far more fitting memorial for our military than the aggression of ANZAC.
            International - John Williams - 11 comments
            The Australian per capita GDP recession in 2018 is a figment of how the GDP deflator distorts the effect of export prices on the real Australian economy (plus random variation in the seasonally adjusted series).
            Economics - Michael Knox - 4 comments
            It should be very clear that meaningless terms such as diversity and inclusiveness do very little to the content of actual intellectual conversation.
            Society - Binoy Kampmark - 49 comments

            Friday, March 22, 2019

            We have developed a range of ebola vaccines, and while many remain to be fully tested or become widely available one has been found to be protective against ebola.
            Health - Peter Curson - 2 comments
            A critical examination of welfare state constructions of income support recipients and addiction
            Domestic Politics - Philip Mendes - 14 comments

            Thursday, March 21, 2019

            As we piece ourselves together after the New Zealand tragedy, the question on everyone's mind is how to minimize or, more specifically, eliminate such horrific acts of violence.
            Political Philosophy - Ilana Akresh - 20 comments
            Removing the manifesto does a disservice to any arguments that might be mounted against him, but having a debate is not what this is generally about.
            Law & Liberties - Binoy Kampmark - 9 comments
            Dealing with the patchwork nature of the Australian economy, where some parts of Australia want to close the doors while others are crying out for population growth, is a tricky one.
            Society - David Leyonhjelm - 6 comments

            Wednesday, March 20, 2019

            Researchers should be able to furnish us with evidence about where Islamophobia 'comes from'; what it consists of; how it is promulgated and spread, by whom and for what ends.
            Law & Liberties - Jake Lynch - 66 comments
            Iran's true salvation must come from within. Fortunately, this is entirely feasible, because Iran's population is not at all like its government.
            International - Slater Bakhtavar - 5 comments

            Tuesday, March 19, 2019

            The factors at play federally and in NSW are not entirely the same. The BerejiklianCoalition Government has in fact had a lot of things going for it.
            Domestic Politics - Brendan O'Reilly - 10 comments
            It is not unreasonable for an average person, not necessarily a Pell supporter, to at least wonder about the fairness of this conviction.
            Law & Liberties - Alfred Zarb - 18 comments


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